Welcome to your Ansul Quiz

Which of the following statements are true? (Tick all that apply)

The extinguishant that comes out of the nozzles in an Ansul R-102 System is...

Which escape route should you use during a fire?

What extinguisher compliments an Ansul best?

Cooking Appliances need to be positioned directly under Ansul Nozzles

Any hazards should be reported to the Safety Manager

How often should the Ansul System be serviced?

At discharge the following should also occur to prevent re-ignition. (Tick all that apply)

Ansul Systems are only suitable for grease or oil fires

Cleaning the Ansul nozzles could activate the system

A fryer appliance that is not shut off can re-ignite.

Grease and dirt on the Ansul detection system can affect operation

Which of the following is correct: (Pick two of the following)

Which of the following are included in a Fire Risk Assessment? (Tick 4 correct answers)

A source of ignition is anything that could start a fire

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